The 2018 International Green Construction Code (IgCC) from the International Code Council (ICC) has just been published and has a new expanded Acoustical Control section; pages 54 Р56 and . This new section covers the requirements: 1) Interior background noise levels, which is a combination of mechanical system, building system, and exterior noise intrusion; 2) sound transmission and impact insulation, which defines the acceptable levels of sound isolation and footfall noise impact for both residential and commercial buildings; 3) reverberation time in enclosed rooms; 4) environmental noise from your project to your neighbors; 5) acoustic professionals commissioning or visual inspecting to ensure they meet this high performance standard.

Erik Miller-Klein from the A3 Acoustics team helped write this section and are familiar with intricacies of this standard. We are available to help guide your team to efficiently integrate these acoustical performance standards into your project. We are here to help make your projects an acoustical success.

Contact us to schedule a lunch and learn about this standard and the acoustical performance requirements outlined in other green/sustainable construction standards (LEED, WELL, Fitwel).

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