Our team brings extensive experience, deep skill sets, and a holistic approach in developing a spectrum of comprehensive architectural acoustic, noise control engineering, and environmental acoustical solutions. Our experience is supported with specialized training, and advanced degrees in both architectural and engineering acoustics, as well as Professional Engineering (PE) Licenses in Acoustical Engineering.

Our forward-thinking approach to design fosters highly-effective solutions to noise and vibration issues utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and software. And we are skilled at developing effective solutions within your budget.

Mission Statement

We believe that all people deserve respect and care in all aspects of their life, including the way their world sounds. We value the complex nature of sound in our experiences, which is integral to communication, relaxation, and our understanding of the world.

Mohamed Ait Allaoua


With a diverse education and varied project experience, Mohamed brings 20+ years of acoustical design experience — and a fresh approach to problem-solving.

He is a member of the Association for Learning Environments (A4LE — formerly known as CEFPI).

Mohamed’s close work with the team allows integration of cost-effective acoustical solutions early in the design process to maximize savings for our clients.

A die-hard soccer fan, Mohamed spends time away from the office on a local pitch playing for one of his soccer teams, or catching up his favorite professional team (Leicester City). He reserves most of his soccer accolades for his own budding soccer stars — his children Kahina and Mokrane.

Erik Miller-Klein

PE, INCE Board Certified


A nationally recognized educator on acoustics and noise control, Erik is board-certified by the Institute of Noise Control Engineering of the USA. He is also a licensed Acoustical Engineer.

He couples a background in engineering with a love of music, a finely-tuned ear, and a deep curiosity about the fundamental causes of noise and vibration.

Erik is the Chair of ​ASHRAE TC2.6 committee on Sound and Vibration, and is active with INCE-USA, ASA, ASHE, AIHA, CoreNet, and ASTM’s Committee E33.​

Away from work, he is an active outdoorsman. Cycling, running, skiing, volleyball, and doing work in the yard with his dog, Rosie, and The Dixie Chicks (his families 5 chickens) are all passions. When not in perpetual motion he enjoys relaxing with friends and family at a Seattle Mariners game.

John Davenport

Acoustical Consultant

John is educated and trained in environmental, architectural, and engineering acoustics.

He excels at solving complex environmental noise problems,
developing noise control solutions utilizing computer modeling and acoustical field testing.

When not in the office, he can be found hiking or tinkering with drum machines and synthesizers.

Drew Lodarek

Staff Consultant

Drew’s educational background spans a variety of acoustical disciplines. He adds to that an artistic background as a musician and audio engineer.

Skilled at field testing and comparing measured data with what is heard on site, Drew looks for the critical details that may not be initially obvious. He has a strong focus on providing outstanding customer service.

When not parsing data he can usually be found searching for sunshine and drinking lethal amounts of coffee.

Stephen Johnson

Acoustical Staff Engineer

Stephen has been working with sound and music all his life (when he disassembled some of the hammer and key mechanisms of his piano, he started thinking about engineering). He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of British Columbia, and a Master’s degree in Composition from McGill University.

Stephen is a former music teacher and trained classical pianist. He focuses on providing accessible, clear and effective acoustic solutions, and will ensure you understand the “why” the same way he has over the years for his piano students.

Projects have introduced him to interesting people, unusual places, and adventures unique to acoustics. On off-hours, he may be found getting out and about in Seattle and British Columbia, trying craft beers and cheeses, as well as thumping on a piano.

Craig Harris

Staff Consultant

Anita Joh

Acoustical Consultant
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