Our team brings extensive experience, deep skill sets, and a holistic approach in developing a spectrum of comprehensive architectural acoustic, noise control engineering, and environmental acoustical solutions. Our experience is supported with specialized training, and advanced degrees in both architectural and engineering acoustics.

Our forward-thinking approach to design fosters highly-effective solutions to noise and vibration issues utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and software. And we are skilled at developing effective solutions within your budget.

Mission Statement

We believe that all people deserve respect and care in all aspects of their life, including the way their world sounds. We value the complex nature of sound in our experiences, which is integral to communication, relaxation, and our understanding of the world.

Mohamed Ait Allaoua

Managing Partner, Senior Acoustical Consultant

With a diverse education and varied project experience, Mohamed brings 20+ years of acoustical design experience — and a fresh approach to problem-solving.

He is a member of the Association for Learning Environments (A4LE — formerly known as CEFPI).

Mohamed’s close work with the team allows integration of cost-effective acoustical solutions early in the design process to maximize savings for our clients.

A die-hard soccer fan, Mohamed spends time away from the office on a local pitch playing for one of his soccer teams, or catching up his favorite professional team (Leicester City). He reserves most of his soccer accolades for his own budding soccer stars — his children Kahina and Mokrane.

Brenna Glaser

Acoustical Consultant

Brenna’s unique background in acoustics is through a degree in architectural engineering which gives her broad knowledge in architecture, engineering, mechanical, and acoustics. She is passionate about limiting noise and improving acoustics for comfort in all types of spaces. Her project experience in acoustical and audio/visual design is expansive across many project types, but Brenna’s favorite aspect to work with is music rooms/auditoriums/amphitheaters (mostly due to her musical theater background).  She has work experience in modeling, measurements, and drawing review.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, playing board games, and pursuing new creative endeavors. She finds enjoyment in weight-lifting and hiking. You can find Brenna at any local craft brewery or winery.

Craig Harris

Acoustical Consultant

Craig brings a versatile skill set to the A3 team. While his education was focused in noise control, environmental noise and architectural acoustics, his previous work experience includes 3D modeling for room acoustics and sound system design for private theaters. Craig joined A3 Acoustics in the summer of 2019, has worked on a variety of projects and likes to be challenged. Outside of work, Craig spends his time running, biking, baking, and playing with his cat.

Carter Howard

Acoustical Consultant

With a background in acoustics, live sound engineering, and music, Carter brings practical experiential knowledge to projects where a high signal-to-noise ratio is critical.  He has a B.S. in Acoustics, an in-depth understanding of acoustical theory, noise & vibration control methods, and a passion for high-quality sound.  Carter brings fresh eyes to each project he works on, looking for solutions to meet any specific needs of the project.

Carter has practical experience in various types of acoustic analysis including 3D computer modeling techniques for both interior acoustics and exterior environmental noise, which provide acoustic simulations and demonstrations to aid clients in the decision-making process.

During his off hours Carter enjoys venturing into the vast wilds the pacific northwest.  An avid rock climber, he is always trying to find the best views atop the mountains.

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